The Quiet Revolution : Political

The Quiet Revolution is about turning your nose up at traditional ways of earning a living. It means sticking two fingers up to the idea of buying a house or a mortgage, and spending the rest of your life paying it off. It means giving up the notion of owning your own property.

The Quiet Revolution is also about changing the way you work. So you can remove yourself from the corporate system. Either by becoming your own boss, or working independently over the internet. So you can remove yourself from the 9 – 5 wheel and the authoritarian hierarchical structure, and start freeing up some time to live your life on your terms.

When you work outside the structure it’s all about working smarter. This means earning more whilst doing less. This is part of the passive income revolution, which means earning your money via the internet either selling a product or selling information.

While we initially will need money, eventually we will slowly move to a system of bartering. A kind of buddy buddy system which basically means you do something for me and I will do something for you. This will mean you will need less cash to live on and will encourage a better community mentality. Thus overcoming the individualistic mentality created by a materialistic society.

The Quiet Revolution involves growing your own food and vegetables. Turning your gardens into mini-farms. It won’t happen overnight but little by little we can do it and we will have less reasons to visit the stores that insist on us buying their modified, poisoned, and transported half way around the world, ‘produce’. And again you will need less money.

They are all linked together in the end. Tuning in and dropping out of a system that is no longer working. There is no use propping it up. It has become corrupt. It is run by corrupt people whose only intent is to squeeze as much out of you for them and them alone. Irrespective of the consequences.

What’s beautiful about The Quiet Revolution is that you don’t need to oppose a government, or protest on the streets against a bank or a political party. You just pull the rug from under their feet.

They will wake up one day and say where have all the workers gone? And we’ll be living our lives on our own terms. Free from tyranny and voluntary enslavement.

The most common fear would be, what would we do if we didn’t need to work? but we would be doing something. We would be growing our own food, helping each other out with tasks, and enjoying creative activities.

A Truly Enlightened Society.

TQR – The Quiet Revolution

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