That Shining Light Called Freedom : Short Story

This light that you see shining, is the light of America, and it is the light of freedom. It’s quite a bright light don’t you think?

It is not our intention to shine this light. This light of freedom. Into the faces of our enemies. We have no enemies except the ones within ourselves.  We believe that all we need do is allow our light to shine so it can be picked up by others, like a flash light from a light house, viewed by ships at sea in a stormy ocean.

This light that shines, this light of freedom, is seen by everyone, everywhere; including those in oppressed countries. Countries ruled by ruthless dictators who themselves have no light shining in their hearts, and in turn wish to put out the light that shines within the hearts of others.

Somewhere in these countries where the light does not shine. There is a Father and his son, or a daughter, you choose it’s your story.

The son looks out of the bedroom by Browser Shop” href=”#44767981″> window and says to his Father.

“Father. What is that light that shines so brightly in the sky, that shines so freely?”

His Father, who  was mending his son’s shoe says,

“That bright light that you see  my son, is the light of America. The light of freedom. It is the brightest light in the whole world.”

The boy asked his Father, “Why doesn’t our light shine as brightly as their light Father?”

“That light you see shines from the heart of every American that lives in freedom.”

“And why don’t we have freedom?”

Staring at his son’s shoe, he replies. “Don’t ask such questions. I don’t know. Maybe we are afraid. Some lights can shine so brightly that you want to turn away.” He continued to tap a nail gently into the sole of his son’s shoe.

“Maybe it’s not God’s will?” he offered.

The boy’s face scrunched up like a dried apricot, “God doesn’t want us to be free ? God doesn’t want us to shine our light? That’s  strange.”

His Father placed the shoe on the ground. “Maybe one day our light will shine from our hearts, and we will be free, but for now we must go about our duties and do our work.”

His Father then stood up, out stretched his arms, and shouted,

“Who knows. Maybe one day the light will shine out from the hearts of every human being throughout the world.” and he started to laugh.

The boy excitedly grabbed his Father’s waist and jumped up onto him, “When Daddy when?”

“I don’t know son. I don’t know” and the Father held his son close to his chest. “It may be a long time before we see a light that shines from our hearts” and he held his son closer.

The boy held his Father tight listening to his heartbeat, his face buried in his shirt until the boy looked up and said,

“Well my light doesn’t want to wait. It wants to shine. It wants to be the brightest light in this world.” and the boy  jumped down from his Father’s waist, and putting his hands on his hips and jutting out his chin defiantly said,

“My heart wants to shine so brightly that one day people from a not too distant planet will look out of their by Browser Shop” href=”#57530034″> windows and ask. What is that star that shines so brightly ? and a Father just like you says, no let’s say a Mother . That is the brightest star in the whole of the universe. We call it the star of freedom.”

The boy ran around the living room three times and then opened the front door and ran out into the cool, dark night, jumping around and shouting.

“Free at last! Free at last! Free at last!”.

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