Short Stories

Introduction to Memoir

Memoir excerpts from Boarding School Days

Part 1: First Night At Boarding School

Part 2: Escape From Boarding School 

Escape from Boarding School Part 2

Memoir excerpts from those rave days

Those Raving Days

Pills and Thrills on the early Nineties Rave Scene

How far We Fall Glamorous Clubs to Dingy Basements

The Brixton 414 Club

Memoir excerpts from commencement of spiritual journey

Part 1: Returning Home After Suicide

Part 2: Meeting The Yogi

Part3: Mind, Body and Spirit Madness

Part4: How To Induce an Out of Body Experience

Part5: Reiki Cures Hangovers

Part6: The Sahara P1.

The Sahara P2

The Sahara P3

The Sahara P4

The Sahara P5

The Sahara P6

Excerpt from visit to Tibetan Monastery

Excerpt from Dreams of India

Excerpt from Amsterdam, mushrooms and Jesus too. p1.

Excerpt from Amsterdam, mushrooms and Jesus too.p2.

Next week excerpt from Zen Retreat

Well that’s all folks my adventure is still unfolding and I would like to continue that in a second book and I even have my eye on a third memoir which will trace my journey from the man I was in a previous life, through the bardo’s and up until I went to boarding school. Any agents out there willing to take a risk ; )