5 important points to prepare yourself for change : Mental Health

Often we are pointing fingers at others and blaming them for a lack of self-confidence when chasing dreams or even just making basic moves. If it wasn’t for this, I would do that. If it wasn’t for that, I would do this. But it’s also hard to spot where the blame lies. How to point a finger at yourself and know that you are the only person stopping yourself.

The best way to do this is to write a check list of what it is that you may think is stopping you.

Write down what you think is stopping you. Write down what would be the worse situation if you carried out your dream. Would anyone get hurt or be upset? Don’t forget you may move to a different country or leave a company you have been at for many years.

Familiarity may appear quite innocent but be tough to fight against when making change. It’s nice knowing what lies ahead as opposed to not knowing what may happen. Fear often fills that space.

Upsetting your family and friends. Emotionally this is a tough one as it is unseen but will be felt when thinking about it. And in those first few months of change will the toughest. It will be very lonely at the beginning of your change. You might feel the urge to run back to your family but don’t.

Other’s expectations of you is a big one. Again close ones and ingrained family ideas of what you should have been. You will be upsetting a few people just by living your dream because they never have. Also breaking free from family ties that can stretch across  miles and over the internet. They are deep grooves that bind you.

Being aware of all these things at the time will make the jump to a new life or way of being, easier. It won’t stop you from hurting in terms of the emotional ill feeling you will feel when going on that journey. But you will know it for what it is, and give yourself the time of many months, that it will take, to move into your new dream.


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