When those close to you try to stop you from chasing your dreams : Mental Health

Chasing a dream may not mean riches or fame it just may mean doing something a little bit different. Something that goes against the grain of what others want you to do. A lot of people get caught in the money mortgage trap and they end up living out their existence in hum drum office jobs waiting for that day they retire, and then they start to do that thing they always wanted to, or they’re too tired to do anything but kick up the roses in their garden until mortality appears. And that’s ok. It’s all choice but when you start to think fuck this, I want to escape the rat race, don’t be too surprised if others will try and up-end your path for what appears to be something positive but is in fact a double negative.

When you start to make that change you may well come up with resistance from those who love you the most. They want you carry on fitting in to their lives so that you stay nearby or carry on doing something similar to them because it justifies their own insanity.

You may even be a million miles away or rarely see these people. Keep in touch via online media, but the important thing is that you live like them so everyone is remaining in the same limbo state.  Everyone is staving off the inevitable. We live and then we die. And death and its final approach carries with it great fear. That’s why they want you close, and to not chase your dreams because there is less of you to face the horrible hu ha together. Of course, it’s not nice but it shouldn’t stop you achieving your dreams or even just dreaming by living a different lifestyle.

So be mindful of the emotional hooks that can be digging into your skin from well-meaning family and friends that will stop you doing your thang. And do it. Just do it.

Of course, don’t forget to flip the mirror around and ensure it’s not really just your fears and you are blaming others for lack of confidence. It’s a double-whammy.

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  1. I’ve browsed through your earlier posts before and noted your travels to teach ESOL. Refreshing to find someone actually living his dream [of adventures]! More great adventures to you in the future!

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