American Cops Should Carry a Bible Instead of a Gun : Political

I keep hearing that American Cops are heroes. ‘Blue Lives Matter’ they say and of course all our lives matter in one sense. But is it really heroic to have four police officers walk up to a suspect carrying maybe two guns, a taser, a gas canister and a truncheon and if needed, the kind of back-up required to carry out a small coup in South America? It doesn’t seem right. This is the home of America. The greatest nation on earth. The most God fearing nation on earth. Did Jesus carry a gun? Did he carry anything? Maybe he should have thrown a rock at the Romans and tried to escape. It’s kind of funny. But his faith was so strong, and without doubt, he feared nothing. And that itself is what other people fear the most. Fearlessness can disarm an Army. Gandhi did it too. He faced the might of the British Military with a stick. I’m not saying American Cops could go with out any weapons but how about just having one? How about even taking a small town or an area of a city. Maybe a rough one where locals carry guns too and do a trial run. Have police people walk through that area with no guns and just a bible. Sounds crazy, but I wonder how the supposed aggressors, when approached by two unarmed police officers,would react? It’s proven time and time again that violence begets violence. And that goes for the mind and body too. Everyone knows if you go in there shouting, the other persons energy will increase along with yours. It’s the same in classrooms, and in homes and in bars too. Calm talking and rationalizing can disarm a situation. It’s like this world we’re living in since 9/11. I wonder what it would be like if we had just turned the other cheek like Christ would have done. Maybe they would have attacked us again, but again we did nothing. Sent in no guns. Sent in no bombs. No planes. Just silence. It’s hard to see how they could shout at the Evil West. I watched this film other day called King Jack and the boy was being bullied so he would bit back. Each time he hit back, the bullies, and one in particular, would come back harder and harder, until one day Jack did nothing. He just stood there and took the beating. Until the weight of the crowd around him turned on the bully in silence. And then the bully stopped. He couldn’t fight back. He had nothing left to say and Jack became a King of his own making.


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