We The People : Speech

We the people have stood at this place before, have watched the same people fall, the same institutions commit the same atrocities, and passed the regulations to supposedly rectify the problem. Then see the same problems occur, again, and again, and again.

We the people. Outstretch our arms and point our fingers at a country, a leader, an army, a group of so called powerful individuals who have somehow engineered this fall, created this war, encouraged these dire circumstances.

We listen to the famous speeches of Martin Luther King and Franklin D.Roosevelt, and their talk of never again in our time shall this happen, and as soon as their bodies are laid to rest, the devil of our own desires rears its ugly head to commit our sins again.

Greed and ignorance run amok in the wild streets of our free societies no longer tamed by biblical legislation, no longer managed by the minds of people enthused with a purpose to achieve a common goal.

We the people still have a soul that at its deepest level connects with every animate and inanimate object whether a heart or a star. You don’t have to call it a soul. You can call it a collection of atoms charged with the same energy, fizzing and buzzing with pure potential, ready to take the charge from you; of a positive, or a negative.

People Speech

We the people carry the potential for change but rarely pick up the opportunity. This allows the potential to be picked up by those that seek only a change for themselves. The mighty greedy.

If we leave the vacuum of opportunity ‘unfilled’ and allow the merciless money makers to fill that potential for us, then we have no one to blame but ourselves when we wake up in a world that is no longer free, and we ask ourselves, “who keeps the key to the lock that wraps these chains around our souls?”

We the people need to grab this momentous opportunity that is now occurring around us and wrestle free the potential for change that exists in our own minds and start to make the changes necessary to bring about a New World Order on conditions that suit the majority and not the minority.

We need to remind ourselves of our similarities rather than our differences. And that although countries, cultures, and traditions may make us feel separate. The condition of the human being and its desire to feel safe, secure, happy and be free, are universal conditions that we all can relate to and are all entitled to.

We the people are billions in number and have at our disposal the most powerful tool ever devised. The internet. That can literally overnight mobilize the planet’s biggest resource, human potential, and start to take back control of this ship of ours and sail it in the direction we want it to do.

Let’s start to flap those butterflies’ wings, and create a storm across this plant that will devastate the wicked, and allow the meek at last to rise.

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