We Are One : Speech

When politicians waste no time slicing the austerity sword through the pockets of the poor whilst nervously tapping on the shoulder of wealthy fat cats saying, ‘please sir do you mind if we have can have some of our money back.’ You can see why the average Joe has stuck two fingers up, not just to the politicians and the financiers, but to all current systems; whether Political, Financial, Religious, or Societal.

In an ideal world, those that climbed to the top would have remembered where they came from and the struggle it took to get there, and allow some of that wealth to trickle back down. But they become greedy. They see how beautiful, free and easy life is at the top and they don’t want to share it with anyone else. So they, along with others, continue to perpetuate the myth that everyone else can be like them while doing the best they can to stop the rest from getting to the top.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see that a small section of society keeps winning every single time and that no matter how bad it gets they will always be rubbing their hands with glee. I don’t think they have a plan and I definitely don’t think they are organized. They just do what always works for them and as long as the majority keep going along with it they will always get away with it. Until now.

The societies in which we live are structured around institutions that are built on hierarchical power structures. In the shape of a pyramid. But the natural world that we inhabit is a completely neutral, interdependently linked, harmonious form, of non-judgmental energy. What we are witnessing now is merely the outer surface of our societies and institutions reshaping themselves so they reflect the natural state of our inner world.

Try to be calm as all around you falls and don’t give into selfishness and greed. Take what you need for yourself and your family. Sit back and watch as you witness the reshaping of societies and institutions driven not by big business or political ideology, but by the scientific fact that we are all one.

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