Cycling to Machrihanish Beach, Scotland

Another blissful day on the West Coast of Scotland. I have decided to hire a bike from the Campbeltown Marina that have a bike shed near the harbour and you can rent a bike for 10GBP per day. Their telephone number is 07798524821. I googled Machrihanish and it stated a 30 minute cycle ride bearing in mind I was a very unfit man and was hoping not too many hills on the way.

The cycling reminds me of Holland because it is pretty flat and smooth riding all the way. My bike also had modern gear shifts and I found it easy to cycle between gears. There were some mild hills but I could drop to gear 1 and easily manage the ascent. The only times I had to stop was because my ass and balls had gone numb. I had to stop to retrieve my little fellas that felt like they had disappeared!

Including my stops to rescue my nuts the whole journey was about 45 minutes which was 15 minutes extra taking in my level of fitness. Machrihanish is famous for its golf course but I don’t care about elitist pricks whacking balls across the dunes but if you love that stuff then good luck.

There are two or three isolated beaches that have a handful of people on them and it really is golden sands and crystal blue clear waters.

Obviously due to the pandemic there are less tourists and I wonder if it is this deserted during a normal peak season? I took my time and walked through the town and noted a few drinking pubs but they may have been private clubs for the golfers. I was happy with the lunch and just resting on the beach smelling the salty air and fresh sea smell.

This picture is why I travel alone and I just love that you can turn a corner and sea this beautiful blue boat relaxing on the ocean.

After relaxing by the beaches and enjoying my lunch I decided to cycle back to Campbeltown. Overall, it had been a two hour journey and a good route to take to see a beautiful beach and get yourself fit. Obviously my nuts have gone numb but hopefully more practice and my ass will get used to it..

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