Loss of Confidence : Mental Health

Loss of confidence is a strange thing because it is something that is always there and hardly noticed. So when confidence disappears you wander for a while thinking I don’t feel right but I don’t know what it is. Confidence can be taken from you for many reasons because of a break up in relationships or an accident of some sorts. Suddenly your confident world is shattered for the first time and you are made to feel vulnerable. Fear stalks the mind of an unconfident person.

How do you get it back? Well its funny because at first you have to realize that you lost it and then you will need to think about getting back, but how? I think there is no good in signing up to a ‘gain confidence’ course or hypnotherapy CDs although they will have some affect.

Confidence just starts to creep back when you start to get back on track with your life. If you are recovering from an illness, or a bereavement, or even a relationship breakup then confidence may take a couple of years to return. It’s the same thing with the whole get back on your bike analogy.

For me loss of confidence came after I became mentally ill but also had to deal with loss of employment. But as I made the effort to get back into employment AT THE RIGHT TIME  then I started to feel slightly confident. Not fully because the first job I took was a no brainer. Its about getting back to how full you felt before the incident occurred and then make baby steps back to where you were before.

If someone told me Time Was  A Healer I would strangle their neck but if I look back over the last two years and see how I reacted to unemployment. I wish I could have taken a chill pill and allowed myself the time and permission to heal. But me and my family are so obsessed with working as the only means of existing that when you are doing nothing you are considered lazy..

So if you are very ill. Recovering from a breakdown, or a divorce, or a bereavement, please take it easy, take it slow, very slow, you may hate me for saying this but TIME IS A HEALER try to enjoy the small stuff. I am learning that now to just take each day and enjoy the smaller things in life. 

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