The Alpha and The Omega : Flash Fiction

Before words everything was God. And then God uttered the first word, and a distance was created between heaven, and earth. And God called the lightness day, and the darkness night. He then called the ground on which he sat, earth, and the water in which he swam, sea. And the distance between heaven, and earth, grew greater and greater.

While God sat, he noticed the creatures on the land, and he called them animals and gave them different names. Then God called his friend Eve and they made love, and a child was born. God taught the child all the things he knew and the child taught himself even more. And heaven was now a distant memory. The child continued to divide day and night into smaller pieces, and called this time.

The Son of God would arrange to meet at a particular place and time, and he would berate his Father for being late. God complained of the long distance it took to get here so they both started to divide the earth, foot by foot, so they could measure the distance, and calculate, the time it took.

Late at night God would sit with his Son looking up at the stars and they wondered how far away the stars were, so they devised another system to measure the stars, and again the distance between heaven and earth, grew further, and further away. After they had finished dividing everything up, they labelled their world, the universe. And God sat down feeling sad.

The Son asked his Father why he was sad, and God tried to describe to him how beautiful the world was before they had labelled, and measured everything. How he would watch the sun crawl slowly over the horizon to sit upon its throne. And how he would sit all day watching flowers of various vibrations; shimmer, while rain drops fell. When he walked, he just walked, until he was tired. And then he sat. How he and his wife were happy every day without knowing what happiness was.

The Son felt sad for his Father and went for a walk. He found a rock on which he sat, and tried his best to think of a solution to bring his Father his heaven back here on earth. He thought all day and thought all night. He thought through the rain and through the storms. His Father grew old until he bowed like a willow tree branch, and the son grew old until one day he could think no more. And then one day all the words fell away, and he could see the world from where his Father came. An infinite amount of indescribable emotions sang throughout his body.

He ran to his Father to show him what he had found, but his father was now dead. His mother sat there crying for her husband, and she too wished to return home. So they both returned to the rock and sat through the wind, and the rain, and the storms, and the summers and the winters and the pain.

Until they came to a place where words no longer existed. And Earth became Heaven once again.

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