Goals, Mini-Goals and Baby Goals : Mental Health

It’s important when heading on that route to set yourself some goals or targets or even tick of points that let you know you are getting there or not. It sounds a bit business like if you are a creative or tortured artist. To sit down and write out your goals. You might want to be a musician or a web designer. You might want to run a marathon or just get back to being healthy. There are three different types of goals to set yourself.

The Main Goal

The Main Goal. I want to be a musician. A writer. I want to write a novel or I want to become very healthy. This goal needs to be hung up on the wall somewhere or on a plaque or written down where you can see it every day. Of course the journey would be tough if every day you looked at your goal but felt miles from it. This is where mini-goals need to be brought in. A tick list to know you are achieving things.

setting the right goals
chasing career goals


Mini-Goals. If the big goal is to be a writer then what are the achievable steps along the way? It may be the first written piece of work for a magazine, paid or unpaid. If it is becoming more healthy then it is that first run/walk of 5 minutes or more. If it is a marathon then you need to be running say 3 miles a day at first. These goals will be bullet listed below your primary goal. Now what if there is a hurdle in your way or a problem you didn’t expect? A serious illness or a loss of cash or a diversion because of family or friends. They all happen. Then you can break down the mini-goals to baby goals so you are still winning.

goal setting
smaller goals along the way


Baby goals are the least you can do while under duress or just too damn busy. If you can’t find the time to search all those magazines then try one day to set aside or 4 hours to research magazines. Try to get one short-story published. If you can’t run the most you expected then go for long stretches of walk or try one long run each week. If you are so busy during the day you can’t arrange the diet then three pieces of fruit instead of five. Four healthy meals a week and a walk in the woods at the weekend.

career steps
even small goals are better than no goals

 The point is to keep the goals moving so it endears a sense of success even during the times when obstacles are in your way.

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