When to take a break from chasing your goals and dreams : Mental Health

It can be tough following through on your dreams and sometimes the goals don’t seem to be achieved so maybe sometimes its ok to forget the goals and just relax into your life. Too much pushing can stop you from seeing the world around you and also giving time to allow things to occur around you. Here are a few things you can do when not chasing your goals.

Old friends:  We can lose friends along the way and they sometimes might have the better connections to help you succeed (whoops still thinking about goals) You might think they have all moved on but they also have just forgotten or think you feel the same towards them. Fire of a few hellos and see what happens. Even have a go at fixing old wounds and they might be able to assist you along your way.

career goals
chasing goals and dreams

Work connections: Again just send out some old emails saying hi and catching up on where they are at. You can mention what you are doing and maybe some surprising suggestions may come your way. This is easy to do these days through linkedin or facebook and it may be a good way to unintentionally drum up business especially if you have a career that spans decades. Mention what you have been up to work wise and where you are at, of course asking them the same.

changing careers
chasing goals and dreams

Relax and read: take a break from thinking about goals and dreams and just start reading all the newspapers you can or magazines relative to the things you love. Don’t worry about your goals but assume all that knowledge and potential ideas are going into that wonderful mind-cabinet of yours and when you do start up your goals again ideas will be flying everywhere.

chasing your dreams
relaxing and achieving ambition

Walking in nature: It’s tough to leave things for one day but how about a month. Walking is different from running especially if you are in nature. The mind can ruminate a bit more than if running. There is none of the exhaustion part at the end. You can engage in old ideas and also new ideas again without any expectation. Things will pop up while you wander but no need to create stress and write down just give the whole escapade of trying to so hard a break. Even as your mind relaxes ideas and conversation will naturally pop into your head best just let it be and when you get back to the grind stone those ideas will resurface again.

chasing ambitions
realizing your goals and dreams

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