The Dark Shadows of the Western Psyche : Political

It’s unfair to point the finger at America as if The Great Britain had never done anything wrong. We all know that whoever is the Top Dog as far as Empire Building goes they always hate them and try and pull them down. As it was with the Romans, The Brits, The Aztecs, and The Cosby Show. But now we agree things are getting out of hand. What with trucks being driven into French people in ‘Nice.’ The ‘Paris Attacks’ on unwitting, fun-loving western folk. The Gay Nightclub in Florida and then add American children shooting each other. Black People shooting cops and it might be a good time to ask ourselves this question. Is the violence we are projecting outwards in terms of the same old colonial wars now starting to come back? It was ok 100 years ago because refugees did not have the money or know how to jump into a boat and sail a few hundred miles to safety in their thousands. And when freedom fighters throughout the Middle-East have no more freedom to fight. They sell their western gifts on an open market to buy food for themselves. Hopefully the powers that be are starting to make a connection between the violence they are exporting abroad and the mindless selling of arms to any buyer whatever the price. It amazes me that news channels talk about ISIS as if they sprung out from nowhere and for no reason. As if a bunch of well-to-do people were bored one day and said let’s attack them. It feeds into the whole Black Lives Matter and why white people don’t understand the resentment that festers in minority groups when they have been oppressed and attacked for sometimes hundreds of years. When I went to school I read about British Victories. The Second World War. The Victorian Era, and Colonial Expansionism but there was never any recognition of how bad it was for others, or even an apology. It was more along the lines of this is what empires do, or it was an empirical necessity to ‘gentrify’ you might say, these natives. And we still don’t get it. We still feel a sense of superiority and a fervour of Christian zealousness that runs through our veins. When foreign people show a disdain for our way of living we feel it just sprang out of nowhere and we scratch our heads. Why don’t they want our help? While I am not suggesting there is an easy way out of this ever descending spiral of violence. The first step is to admit the level of violence we are projecting is unnecessary and start to look at the dark shadows that exist within our own cultures psyche.

article about military interventions
                 article about military interventions

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