Blair Inc. and the Middle-East Holocaust : Political

Did he really stay up musing all night long lying beside his wife Cherie, ‘What’s the matter dear?’, ‘I just don’t know whether to invade Iraq or not?’, ‘Well you’re the Prime Minister.’ As Cherie turns over and falls asleep leaving Tony to twiddle his thumbs in the darkness. Maybe it was like that and I am the fool. As if there wasn’t a cabal of like-minded souls sat around a table deciding what truly was for the best in national interests, or global interests, when taking into account the US and its geopolitical maneuvering. He was fine for a while but now he’s gone mad. That’s Saddam. Not Bush or Blair. When Saddam gassed the Kurds it was fine, when he waged war against the Iranians it would do. But when he dared to invade Kuwait, close relatives to Saudi Arabia, a line was crossed but how to attack a former best friend without an excuse. He’s dangerous, well we know that. Not only is he dangerous he has a nuclear weapon. Hardly likely considering the crippling sanctions going on for ten years, but still, it’ll do. Fast forward a few lies in the senate and at home. The ‘Shock and Awe’ an incredibly expensive fire work display that lit up the night over Iraq and lightened the mood of those who had shares in armament companies. An Army that was destroyed in weeks, and jubilations that lasted several minutes, until the first suicide bombers attacked and it has been chaos ever since. And this is liberation. Take the template and apply it to Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and watch the destruction unfold. Meanwhile Blair and Bush are furiously working on their memoirs because history must be reminded or is that rewritten. A lie told again, and again, and again becomes truth, or so they say. Luckily enough Blair’s charisma and superior writing skills have pulled of a bestseller worth a million and a job of peace envoy to boot. PEACE ENVOY? The audacity of these people. They wage wars (without others consent) reap profits after wars and then spend their retirement telling everyone exactly how it wasn’t. Maybe with the Chilcot report there will be some hope. Once everyone has waded their way through the millions of words it took to investigate the invasion of Iraq. No doubt certain words and phrases will be plucked to deny or accuse each other, and the bombings and escalations that are the hangover from the farcical invasion of Iraq will continue to fall. In the mean time let’s hope that politicians begin to see that what has and is happening in the Middle-East is nearly on a par with The Holocaust. A specific body of individuals, those from the Middle-East, have been specifically targeted by the same cabal of individuals in the west, again and again. They’ve probably killed over a million and counting when you take into account the further forays into other countries and now the attacks appearing on our streets. The only thing missing are the jackboots and insignia. Instead of the gold teeth they took the oil. I wonder if the yearly Holocaust memorial attended by the our politicians is an opportunity for them to bow their heads and remind themselves.This is how not to do it.

More People Dying
More People Dying

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