Peace on Earth by 2212 : Non-Fiction

I have recently come to the conclusion that relative peace on earth is possible. That is, a world of many countries, cultures, and people can all live in relative peace without resorting to war to resolve their differences. What I mean by this is a stage by stage disarmament of all the countries on earth till no nuclear weapons exist. In fact, no weapons at all.

I came to believe that this dream was possible when I realized that humanity has no collective goal to work towards. Certainly not one that is instantly recognizable, and this is the key. We are basically a rudderless ship adrift in a vast and uncompromising ocean and have been for some time. While I understand that peace on earth is a natural birthright and will come to us eventually, just as a racing pigeon always find its way home. But it’s also possible by waking up and taking active part in the development of our societies, we can have that peace sooner than you realize.

I believe a high profile long term goal will harness the positive elements within our societies and focus our minds and hearts on a good common goal. Two hundred years is an important number because we need to realize just how vast and big such an undertaking like this is. It needs to be something that can be joined in by all generations and eventually finished by a generation who have yet to be conceived.

All countries will need to have a set of conditions of what constitutes peace within their own boundaries, some of which are already enshrined in our own constitutions or enshrined in the charter of human rights. People will be able to see where their country is on the scale and the things they can do to move it up the ladder to a more peaceful country.

It may well be that a country is at war, or under some tyrannical dictatorship, but this does not mean we should encourage people to risk their lives for peace but at the very least they may carry the hope for peace within their hearts, and carry out non-violent ways of bringing around a more democratic society.

It may well be that the peace we need could be the peace within our own hearts, and this too could be a worthy aim while others focus on other political aims. We cannot have a peaceful society while we carry fear and anger in our own hearts.

A website would be the most simplest way to start this as the internet can be accessed by almost most people on earth. And if they can’t now they will do soon with the increasing use of mobile technology and ever greater speeds. The website will have a map of the earth and a list of all the countries in the world. You will be able to drill down and see at what level of peace your country is at.

The first stage in this process will just be to create the will and intention for creating peace here on earth so that this positive goal can enter into the collective mind stream/consciousness of humanity and people can start to think about, ‘what peace on earth’ means and how would they go about doing their own bit.

Once the goal has been set in stone. Then like dominoes things should start to fall into place as everyone goes about creating as much peace as they can within their own lives, and their own societies.

I truly believe that we can come to a point where we collectively start to disarm ourselves and remove these weapons of mass destruction we have created to protect ourselves and our ways of living. Of course it takes time; to build momentum, to build trust between nations, to build the framework that will bring about an everlasting peace here on earth, but we can do it.

Peace on Earth by 2212.

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