Campbeltown, West Coast, Scotland

I am just posting a few pictures of this beautiful town called Campbeltown, Scotland. As the pandemic is still on there are few visitors so it is ideal for visiting the empty pristine beaches and exciting towns and islands, that abound this corner of the universe.

Campbeltown is part of the Argyl and Bute borough and a Royal borough indeed. It is also a working harbour town with ships coming and picking up logs for taking back home.

This is the left-hand side of the bay and I always walk this side in the morning and the other side in the afternoon.

As I mentioned it is a working harbour with ships, I think mainly coming from Nordic countries to stock up on wood. I find the colours of the boats to be quite beautiful and the combination of the boat’s colours and the blue sea and green hill background all help accentuate the picture.

There are many towns that are around the West coast and there are buses that can take you to and from these towns but make sure there is one coming home! I visited Carradale on the bus the other day. The bus journey was 45 minutes and cost 5GBP return. I took the bus at 12:45 hrs and was told the next bus back was at 18: 18 hrs! Lucky for me there was a pub beside the bus stop that sold nice drinks and meals so I had a nice lunch before I set on my walk.

         The Glen Bar & Restaurant

I decided to walk to the harbour at Carradale that has nice views of the Isle of Arran and then I walked to the beach which had about five people and three camper vans parked nearby.

By the time it came for me to leave I went back to the pub and enjoyed a pint of lager and then waited patiently for my bus. At 18:18 hrs my bus arrived, and I enjoyed a relaxed journey back home.

When I get back to Campbeltown I go for a relaxed walk around the other side of the harbour.

In the middle of the harbour mouth lies the tidal island known as Davaar Island. It’s a beguiling and mythical place to see.

There are certain times when the tide is out that you can walk across to the island but today was a cloudy day so tomorrow, I will walk again and show you better pictures. I hope you enjoy. Thanks

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