My One and Only UFO Dream : Memoir

It was getting close to December the 21st 2012. Remember the whole galactic Mayan theory shit? Well if you are a rational minded individual with a head full of common sense you wouldn’t have given a hoot about that crock. I myself had been on a slow diet of anything end-of-the-world’ish for about five months. My excuse was that it was part of the fuel for my writer’s imagination; to read as much apocalyptic stuff, mixed with the daily broadsheets, so that one day a story might emerge. I imagined that I would be able to produce a semi-intelligent sci-fi novel. But what I had noticed was that the more I digested the end-of-world madness stories, the more I believed in it, even though my rational mind would yell, crock and bull!

As the looming date got closer I had become attached to a modern-day soothsayer called Grandmother Earth. This lady did not look like a Grandmother but seemed like a kind and gentle woman. Why would she lie to me? When she was a child she had picked up special powers that allowed her to communicate with animals and crystals. The messages were mostly the same. The earth is dying. There will be a cataclysmic shift, and we’ll all vibrate into the fifth dimension. It sounded plausible enough to me. What I found difficult to understand was how much she believed in all this, and how she had managed to get a few hundred thousand people, including me, convinced that something big was about go down. 

As the date got closer I started to have dreams about giant meteorites crashing into earth. My friend, whose sister was a psychic, (everyone was these days), had been having similar heavy dreams which would add to my concern. As the date became too close to call it a shot, I decided to head to a Tibetan Monastery to cool down. I packed my bags quickly and headed to my place of safety. I arrived late to be met with a hypocritical comment by one of the receptionists, ‘You’re not another one of these people who are here to escape the galactic shift?’ I didn’t want to admit so just said, ‘No. Just here to meditate.’ I went outside and breathed in the fresh cool air. At least I could see the clear night sky and my mind would relax and take back control from the irrational thinking. I made a note to stay away from the ‘world-ending-stuff’ on the internet. I was tired and decided to go to bed early. 

After I fell asleep the next thing I knew I was looking up into the night sky and saw this incredibly huge dense thick white tablet shape that appeared as a UFO. It moved slowly through the clouds. I remember thinking, ‘Oh wow. At last I have seen a UFO.’ And then I woke up and thought. That was just a dream, but still it appeared as real as day, and I counted it as a sighting. After that dream I saw UFOs as a kind of consciousness. A formless god. It was hardly the fifth dimension but it would do.


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