How The Arc of a Story Unfolds Part 2 : Non-Fiction

Critical choice: These can happen at various times throughout the story. Certainly, in the beginning a critical choice will be made after the event has occurred but along the way a defining critical choice will be made that will seal the deal for the reader and be certain that they are heading along this route. It may well be a challenge from a character that shows a different side of our hero as they develop, and then the choice that shows the character has changed.

Writer Writer
    Frankenstein Writer

Climax: There may be many climatic points along the way but the story arc will have many curves as the journey unfolds. Even when you think, in terms of how long you want your novel to last, there will be a point that the story will reach, like getting to the top of a hill. Then the story will curve towards the end hurtling along a little bit faster. Often in the fantasy films or science-fiction films, it’s the final fight, or the approach to that final battle that is the climax, but there may still be a few surprises left for the individual character.

Copywriter Climaxing
                       Climax Writer

Reversal: This is when the character finally flips and you get the change that you’ve been expecting. The bullied boy finally stands up, the hero finally gets the girl or vice versa for today’s audience. It’s that point when at last your character makes that final change of completion and you know they are winning or have won. There’s no going back.

Writing the Matrix
                               A Matrix Writer

The Final resolution: This is the end when the world itself from when the story started has turned full cycle and all goals and turns have been accomplished. This is not just the actual world where we see the change but the world within the readers mind that completion has come full circle. The End.

Characters Changed
                           The end of it all.

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