A Global Union rather than a European Union : Political

You wouldn’t deny a son or a daughter who on asking to build a business, or go for a job, that required some funding, that when they wanted to make that leap, and take out a business loan you would say no. When they left for University or to move into that flat for the first time you wouldn’t tell them to stay. And so it is with Great Britain and Brexit. We want to go it alone. We can build a better country on our own. We don’t need the EU, that loosely gathered body of foreign individuals who live far different lives from us. Or do we? 

When it comes to geopolitics and global management, and the world coming to a point where we all seem to be living shoulder to shoulder, maybe we do have to sacrifice the self-centred desire to go it alone. There was much that was wrong with the EU and also with immigration and like any good franchisee the proprietor should want to adapt their business to the changing circumstances, keeping the brands unique flavour. Having Brussel’s dictate every move was a bad choice, not to be able to reject some, or even bargain with other policies was the recipe for disaster that lead to the down fall of the behemoth that was the European Union Dream.

Every country has different dynamics, and of course we all want to sign up to certain ideals. The charter for human rights is a starter. Of course, let’s do our best but when it comes to terrorism. But with the unique experience of the Syrian refuges humanitarian disaster. Here we start to see the European dream unravel because of its lack of flexibility in its controls and mechanisms.  Where was the immediate response to the Syrian refugee crisis? Weeks passed by while the overloaded and stuffed bureaucrats fulfilled their false stereotypes, no doubt precariously pushing quail’s eggs around fine dining plates while thousands suffered.

If the EU was to be a force for anything then it should have the flexibility to react and show the world it was more than just a great business market that allowed the richer countries get richer, while cheap migrants sent back pennies home to build dream houses. Is the EU dream dead? It would seem so. Article 50 has been triggered. Great Britain has set sail into unchartered waters, and who can blame them and their democratic vote that led the way. But will we be a more uncertain world because of it?

Can we really afford to allow countries in this dangerous world to chase self-centred dreams? Far better that we pull together to show a united face to ever aggressive failed states and once democratic states pulling sharply towards the right. It only takes another 9/11 for us to close our ranks and not care about the world any more until it crumbles. If not an EU then how about a GU? A Global Union of countries similar in vein to the UN that can buy into the ideals the best they can. That retain their countries own identities while forging a global one. A one world but also many worlds. Freedom to roam for travel but not for work. Freedom to trade but fix prices and interest rates in one’s own interest when necessary. We can all climb the mountain to the top alone but far better and noble to get there together. And safer to maybe pull up the weaker countries along the way and who knows maybe a more peaceful planet will emerge. Anyone for a Global Union?

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