They : Poem

They. Came at midnight. Reduced me to no-thing. The voices in my head

All came from within me.                 How could it be any other way?


                                 Every discontent -Ed. Part of me. Wanted to speak. We’ve come to arrest ME. You’VE ignored Us for too long. The personal-ITY S-T-R-U-C-T-U-R-E is


 based loosely, flimsily Around the I. How absurd that this SOLID seeming You, that’s so real. Can break

D-own all to easily. Chemicals will fix you. Not GOD.            T he Authority. Nor The Angels.

Science knows. Religion is a convenient cru—tch to while away the pain.

To fundamentally explain. There IS nothing, yes, not no-thing but just nothing

There.                                                              .That space was You..

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