Amazon versus Smashwords versus : Ebooks

It’s a mighty big place out there in the internet realm and even mightier when it comes to e-book sales. Billions of people ready to buy, read and if you’re lucky review. I am still new to this game and have been trying out different e-book portals and find that each one has something different that can also be used.  

Amazon E-book Sales 

The Amazon e-book creator is very easy to use and sometimes too easy. You can upload your book in word format and have a basic check done on the grammar. Then you can create yourself a cover for your book with very basic tools and before you know it your book is languishing at the 3 million mark and no-one can even see your e-book. There are further options such as choosing what genre the book is to help it be found easier.  There is also the pricing tool and advice on how to price it but don’t expect anyone to find or buy it. I would say that Amazon is my main e-book portal at the moment but my book has been edited by professionals and I have spent money on a better book cover. 


I had forgotten about Smashwords but decided to use it as a second base for my books and also because I wanted to have two e-books perma-free. With extra options on e-books I could allow buyers to view 30% of my free books and my bought e-books. Smashwords will also push your e-book to hundreds of other portals thus gaining further exposure and leverage. The best thing about Smashwords is having the free book options. They put your grammar through a process known as the meatgrinder and if there are any errors then you will have to resubmit. The formatting must be done in a specific manner and if unsure then they provide known editors who will prepare your book for Smashwords.

Into The Realm by Chanelle Nash. $2.49 from
Jordan grew up with stories of other realms and mystical creatures. Never once believing them to be true until he returns to his ancestral home and stumbles across one. Not only has his life changed forever but, he now finds himself the main character from one of those Stories. But will this one have the happy ending it should? is a German e-book and music distributor and was just another avenue for me to publish my book from and gain access to a wider audience. The retailers they send your e-book to are no different than Smashwords and in many ways could just replicate your work so be careful. What I find interesting and unique is the Press Release option. As my book has a current and political edge to it I wrote an article titled Can Art Defeat Totalitarianism and then wrote generically about current dangers in politics blah blah blah and then brought in the synopsis of the book and introduced my e-book that way. The Press Release will be accessible to 5k journalists in the German and European magazine market. It’s a wild shot and I have fun writing in all these different mediums.

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