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I was just reflecting on all the different countries I have lived in over the years. My parents were in the military, which meant as well as being born in England, I also lived in Munster, Germany, during my pre-school years, hence my fondness for Bratwurst sausages and chips with mayonnaise. I myself joined the Royal Air Force when I was younger and as well as living in Cornwall and South Wales while I was training, I was also based in Cyprus for three years. A fortunate experience for a younger man. I drank a helluva lot and enjoyed numerous mezzes.

travel the world
The German’s love a Bratwurst

After the RAF years I came back to England, London, and I think I stayed there for many years living in various parts of London but mainly South London. While being involved in Buddhism I made a couple of sojourns to Nepal for a charity trek around the Annapurna range. I also visited Nepal again for a volunteer stint in a soup kitchen. That was about 12 weeks in total. I made a brief journey to India which was mad as expected, ending up in Kashmir for a few days, and then eventually Dharamsala.

Nepal Volunteer
Nepal Volunteer Work

Then after a period of unemployment I moved to Holland and ended up staying for five years. Holland is a profound place to live. I like the modern architecture of Rotterdam and the Kunstal Museum.

Holland Travel
Travel to Holland

After Holland I was heading back home and studied at Bangor University North Wales, Bangor. I realized that small towns were not my thing and found it isolating but perfect for study. I sat alone on the Isle of Anglesey one summer. Staring out at the sea with beers and Cohen.

Isle of Anglesey
Isle of Anglesey

After Wales I treated myself to a year in Beijing which was the first time I had ever had a real culture shock. After Beijing I came back home for a year but home did not feel like home anymore even though my family were there.

Beijing Cafe
Travel to Beijing

I suppose that’s the travel bug. I’m somewhere else now but I won’t tell you where yet.  Not untill I settle down. If I ever will.

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