How to Get the Baby-Joy Back : Flash Fiction

Baby is not conscious of being baby. Baby want to play. Baby smile all day because Baby not know it Baby. It not know it is separate from its Mother. Baby and Mother are the same. Baby is not happy.

Baby exudes the appearance of happiness because Baby have no boundaries. Baby have no name. Baby is all the space in the room and more. Baby play with God. Baby is shaped around God. What happens when you repeat a word again and again and again? Until it loses its meaning. Even its feeling.

Baby yet to take shape and form words. Baby always laughing because baby not know. Not knowing is the path to peace. But how to forget when everything is learned? Soon Baby will know it is Baby and will take a name. Baby will develop ‘I like this’ and ‘don’t like that’. Baby grows and then Baby wears clothes. Then Baby complains. About the weather. The food. The pain in its back.

How to get the Baby-Joy back? Baby do Zen and sit all day long. Baby come home again and again. Baby-Joy reverberates through every cell and molecule. Baby-Joy annihilates the last vestibules of what it appears to be. Till Baby just a label. And Joy just another name. Sunshine. Sunshine. Play the Baby-Joy game.


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