Walk Slowly After Work : Flash Fiction

Always walk home slowly after work. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t rush like a fool. It just isn’t cool, like all the others, huffing and puffing and pulling strained faces. No time to take in the fact that you live in a city with so many beautiful faces, and don’t forget the races. Slowly brother, sister. Take your time. There will be another train with long drawn faces, less packed than the other, and don’t forget you are no longer at work. This is your time. My time. We time. Not their time. A time to slow it right down. It can be fun walking slowly through the city, while the others are pushing past with their strained faces, desperate to return home from whence they came, while you breathe slowly from your center of gravity. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the totality all around. That’s right. That’s it. Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. One step in front of the other. Don’t forget about your sister or brother. Maybe the loved one is back home waiting, but for now be in love with this great elation. The love will be greater when you arrive home relaxed and if you’re alone then practice this more, and allow the environment to be your friend. Make friends not enemies with the structures around you. Give them names. Not labels. Don’t allow this world to confound you. Walk slowly. Walk lightly. Walk like you are the mighty. Bigger than the rest but not arrogant like unelected bureaucrats, or stately Kings. A compassionate King or maybe a Queen walking through the cities streets breathing all serene. Go home on the train or even the bus and of course be quiet while you take a seat. Walk slowly, walk slowly, walk down every street. Walk with the rhythm and the cities beat. Walk through the streets that others forget. The quiet hidden lanes where no-one has met. Then burst onto the busies and frighten the rest. Your calmness is an asset the others will admire.Walk slowly, walk slowly, especially after work. Don’t be a fool. Don’t be a jerk.



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