Amsterdam Life : Travel

This is a short documentary by a student film maker on the different views of life in Amsterdam. I myself am an Expat, a kind of long term tourist.

Someone who was blown here by the winds and found himself not choosing to stay but being forced to stay here by the country.

The other guy is a bona fide real Dutch guy, so he is 9 ft tall, speaks bluntly often, and drinks coffee without milk all day long.

Oh and he smokes hashish, which is kind of legal in Holland. As long as you don’t grow it by the ton and try exporting it to other countries as a herbal remedy. Which it is.

Not all Dutch people smoke hash, in fact the majority don’t smoke hash at all they are very blaze about marijuana being freely available on the streets. It’s why the Dutch are so laid back, not because they smoke, but because they are not brought up in a culture  where you are told you can not do this, or not do that, but are told, sure if you wish to waste your life away on drugs go do it. It’s legal, it’s your life.

And  in one stroke they remove the childish yearn to disobey our parents, break the rules, do the things one shouldn’t do.

Therefore creating a more chilled society, not because of drugs, but because of ultimate responsibility and freedom of choice.

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