How to meet people if you are an introvert : Mental Health

So you have taken the Carl Jung personality test and found out you’re an introvert. Or you already know because you have no friends, and posting online is as frightening as meeting people in public. But your life is boring and you need to meet people in life to make things happen. Meeting other people can mean better opportunities in jobs or creative opportunities. And of course, time flies when you are chatting with people.  

The most important thing is, if you are going to meet people, then choosing the right people would be beneficial so you are not hurt the first time you meet up. Think about the things you like and the things you want to do. If you are an introvert or suffering from social anxiety issues then you can search online for a group meeting. I find provides hundreds of different groups meeting up for all sorts of different reasons. If you just want to be sociable with your age group then you can search for twenties or over-fifties. If you do have a mental health illness or just love gardening then there will be a group for you.

If you are an introvert and have spent a long time alone make sure you don’t sabotage your first meeting. Remember meeting people is quite difficult or scary so you might find excuses. I found that after being alone for six years I was actually quite happy being alone but wanted to join a group to maybe go out once a week. But it was difficult to make that first move. And when it came to meeting the people I just said, ‘I can’t be bothered, I can grab a beer or read a book. Yes, I get miserable sometimes but I’m  not that bad.’ 

This was wrong because I needed to meet other people to help with my mental health and bump into people who might have a new idea or suggestion. Contacts are great for this and networking is the number one reason why entrepreneurs are successful.

If you have been alone for a while then just be wary of the negatives that appear as positives and just see what happens. Naturally, you will be nervous but when you meet up, people will just start talking. Don’t forget other people will be in the same boat as you and they will be friendly to you. If group dynamics rears its ugly head then you know there are other places and other times. So bite the bullet and go and do something different. You don’t know what might happen when you take a risk. A new friendship? A new love, or maybe a new job. 

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