Anti-Israel is not Anti-Semitism : Political

It seems the right have found a larger stick to beat the left with, and specifically Jeremy Corbyn in the shape of Anti-Semitism. That’s not to say there is no anti-Semitism out there. It is just that it is not as large as the right are making out. Of course when the Labour leadership widened their membership base a few cranks would have got in who believe strangely in the conspiracy theory side of things.

The conspiracy theory side suggests bankers like the Rothschilds and Warburgs are attempting to control world resources through the banking system. It’s incredible that in this day and age that such a large amount of people have become to be interested in this theory despite its impossibility and outlandish nature. David Icke would be saying the same thing and add to it the madness of reptilians. The reptilians definitely lean towards racist metaphors that have been used time and time again prior to the first and second world wars representing Jewish people as cold-blooded lizards in cartoon form.

While there are a handful of people who believe in this side it can be no more than the Conservative right having a handful of racists, homophobes and bigots to boot. The left is the least likely to have racists on board because historically it supports minority groups but Israel does come up as a problem which is linked in with Palestine and the Palestinian peoples fight.

The anti-Israel sentiment comes from the Israeli reluctance to budge an inch on offering the Palestinians any concessions on sharing a state or removing settlers from the West Bank. We are just fresh from another clash along the Gaza border with hundreds of Palestinians being shot and it’s hard to see a positive Israeli story when most of the aggression comes from the Israeli side.

But an Anti-Semitic attitude does hold across the Middle East and here comes another problem. When Iran threatens to wipe Israel of the map its easy to see why the Israelis don’t budge an inch or remain in a state of war. Somehow acceptance of Israel from its surrounding neighbours is a must and the Israelis must somehow give an inch and offer some concessions on a two state solution as agreed by the UN and remove settlers from the West Bank to ease some of the tensions.

But with Netanyhu in government and Trump just now claiming Jerusalem as the nation’s state it’s hard to see any light. This is why the Palestinians need our support and maybe we can do our best to weed out the handful of conspiracy theorists on the left.

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