Shaping my blog identity 3 : Non-Fiction

First of all, I want to say a big thanks to all the bloggers that have passed by, written a comment, or ‘liked’ an article. I am starting to get into this blogging thing, and can see that it works. It is helping me find my voice again and re-join this community of beings once again.

I wanted to keep posting as this blog becomes more successful, and I don’t know how you measure that. I am receiving some comments, and on some post’s, I receive more likes than other posts. My poetry gets lots of likes for me but the evergreen articles and even my adventures don’ seem to pull in many views. I don’t mind so much as I am just laying the ground work for my writing and what it is I am about.

My blogs core skills

I can see my core skills taking shape of writing, teaching, books, and mental health posts. Slowly my ethos is taking shape which I think is me blubbing about the bad times, and how I overcame them to achieve success. Or maybe I’ll stop blubbing, and just teach writing, and help people to get better. I think it’s nice to divulge some of your dark days, so others get you, and it takes courage as well.


On my way to blogging success.
We all hear people talking about ‘the struggle underneath’ but they say nothing, and people think they just built that business, wrote that book, or achieved that degree without any problems. But if you talk about your grief, or mental health issue, or crisis in a certain way. Then it is insightful to other people and they can see, that you went through that shit, and came out on top. Everyone else is like, ‘whoaa I’m keeping going.’ It’s cool. Just don’t be a victim. Honour the struggle in a respectful way.
Warning!!!! ; )

Blogging Extra
I may post a slew of evergreen articles over the next two weeks just to bump up my posts, and that will help me shape the rest of the blog. I have about 4 more excerpts from the memoir which need to post. My memoir is just me travelling the world, banging into things, and making a fool of myself, while having awesome experiences in the Sahara Desert, Tibetan Temples, Zen Buddhist Retreats, Holotropic Breath Work and of course India. Any way peeps. Thanks again for stopping by and also showing me how to blog. Fingers crossed for the next 50 insightful posts I hope. Bye : )

Spiritual Junkie Novella

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