About Me

Hello and welcome to my writing blog, and resume.

As you can see I love to write. I write short-stories, I write poetry, I write speeches, and I even like to write technical white-papers. So I must love this stuff.

Surprisingly I have only been writing full time for five years as I have spent the last ten years working in I.T. doing desktop and network support during the day, while dreaming of being a writer at night.

In 2011  I finally plucked up the courage to put up or shut up, and started on a BA Hons in Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University in Wales.

After Bangor I went to Beijing on a bus-mans holiday Teaching English and then returned home to work on my creative projects while trying my hand at copywriting.  After a few months I realized I had been bitten by the TEFL bug and went to Prague to try Teaching English Prague. I have since then suffered from ill health but still chewing away with the writing.

I have travelled widely to India, Nepal, Morocco, China and Czech Republic and have been inspired by the people I have met on my travels. I have certain authors I dream of being like such as Ben Okri, George Orwell, Stephen King, haha thought I best put the King down in case my list falls into pretentiousness. And after all I am just trying to tell a  good yarn.

This blog is a mish-mash of many things displaying my interests as a writer and my experiences from the world of work and travel. Feel free to snoop around and drop a comment or a share an article.

If you do need any assistance on copywriting work or writing of any type then please feel free to contact me.

David Peter Swan. Writer, Copywriter, Dreamer. UK + 4407376278515 Skype : dswan9 Email


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