Fiddled by a religious person : Non-Fiction

I’ve been in some places in my life. But since my diagnosis with psychosis and my attempts to get out of unemployment I am now trying to rent from the DSS. This renting in London is a rich person’s game but twice as difficult if you are unemployed. Most ads state No DSS!

I was happy and surprised to see an advert which stated, ‘WE ACCEPT DSS’ Bloody nora I thought, not thinking to much about it, I immediately called up to view the property. I waited outside the property for my owner to arrive and noted two visibly drunk people hanging around outside the supposed ‘Studio Flats.’

One drunk exclaimed out loud, ‘These places are owned by the Jews’ and I considered him just drunk and mad. They wandered of saying they were not interested in the place. I decided to wait patiently to view my flat for the long term unemployed. At precisely the right time a car pulled up outside the property and to my surprise an Orthodox Jew popped out.

I have never met an Orthodox Jew before and my only contact with Jewish people was through my genuine love of Woody Allen. The visible representation of God through the way they dressed impressed me and made me feel I was in safe hands.

I was shown the room and it seemed immaculate, but warning signs had started to appear with the two drunks I had seen outside. Of course some long term unemployed are out of work and just ill but others are drug addicts and alcoholics. I shouldn’t tarnish all alcoholics with the same brush but if you are recovering from mental ill health and need a place to live this is all you are left with.

Anyway I assumed all were kind and beautiful and accepted a place. A part of me liked the idea that the owners were Orthodox Jews. Men of God. Dressed to do good. Helping the poorest.  I moved into my new room which admittedly was a bit shabby and not necessarily worth the FULL £780.00 that was being charged.

Human rights change from country to country based on poverty levels. I believe now that basic right to the internet is a recognised thing. So I was upset that there was no television signal in the room. I am no telly addict but like the occasional programme and news channel.

I decided to phone the numbers I was given but soon found out that no one answered these numbers and if they did and you requested assistance no one would respond. It’s tough when you are down and vulnerable. You need a place to live and some one to look after you if things are not up to scratch. That’s what a landlord is for. Still I received no response to the point that I think I am going mad if I hadn’t already gone mad or ill.

I had faith in the Orthodox Jews. Men of God. Representative of faith here on earth. But it seems they are scamming the poor just like everyone else. They want to make a quick buck and have found a gold mine in renting property to the long term unemployed using the governments money. Is there anything I can do about it? Maybe I should try praying.

orthodox jew
When an Orthodox Jew Stole My Rent

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