The Rise of the Human Being : Non-Fiction

With the #MeToo campaign gathering speed and feminists crying foul everywhere when it comes to equality. It seems that Man is on the naughty step for being man. In many ways the current notion of manhood is quite toxic. It leans heavily on the masculine traits expected such as assertiveness, goal directed, mono-task and eschews the feminine traits of patience, forgiveness and compassion. The latter traits being due to the female biological urge to give birth while the man remains single and able to pursue goals.

Most of the masculine and feminine traits have been conditioned for thousands of years since caveman went to seek meat while wife stayed at home in cave. Man and woman hadn’t changed much up until the fifties with women still taking on the majority of household  and child rearing tasks right through to the eighties when we start to see women really coming into their own.

It’s surprising to see that in 2018 we are still seeing a shock at the imbalance in wages divided between man and woman and that women still have a fight on their hands when it comes to equality. A  lot of the problems come down to the societal conditioning of man as man and only leaning on those masculine traits while suppressing the feminine ones.

The only real change will come when we stop buying into the conditioned stereotypes and focus on the one label that means something to us. That is the label of Human Being. A Human Being has an equal balance of masculine and feminine traits and when used effectively acts with grace. This is the balance we are seeking. Traits such as grace, humility, gentleness, strength, agility all come into play when we combine the two together.

It’s the rise of the female principle or energy that is making headline news and it’s the reason why we see such issues such as transgenderism come into play. Transgender people are only 0.01 per cent of the population but they have managed to appear on the world stage as an important issue. It seems symbolic of the female energy rebalancing itself with the masculine and will continue for the rest of the century.

It’s all part and parcel of the rise of the Human Being or a true Human Warrior. Strong, agile, graceful, sensitive, directed and compassionate.  


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