A very short-story about death and Morse Code

Malcolm felt good. In fact Malcolm at sometimes felt almost elated which was strange considering the terminal diagnosis.  He had been battling with cancer for over twelve months now and had ticked of as much as he could from his bucket list. He had made his peace with family and friends and now knew that the next thing to happen was his death. But he didn’t want to die without answering one last question.

What happens after death? And how could he answer this question. Malcolm being a well-read scientific sort of guy wanted to find a way to answer this question and he had found one.  A Professor in London was conducting research on speaking through thought for the severely disabled. This involved, in some cases, a paraplegic communicating by imagining ones and zeros in his mind which would be picked up by transmitters in the brain and passed through responders attached to a skull cap he would be wearing.  The ones and zeros could be used like dots and dashes in morse code and then translated. 

Michael’s family were not to happy about this as he was essentially turning his death experience into an experiment. It took a lot of persuading to get his family and loved ones to remain outside while he passed away and tried to communicate what he was experiencing.

Time passed quickly as it often does in very short stories like this one. Malcolm’s health had deteriorated considerably as he accepted his passing. His family were gathered around his bed and knew that when he passed his last breath they would have to leave the room for a while.

Malcolm was apprehensive as he lay there. His body felt like stone and he would switch from hot to cold as his heart beat seemed to get slower and slower. His vision seemed to move in and out of focus.  Malcolm was still surprised at how peaceful he felt. Visions of white glows would appear in the outer edges of his sight. His family would zoom in and out of focus. The skull cap that he wore for the experiment started to feel heavy on his head as he started to fall asleep. He could here the beeps and his family weep.

A rush of white seemed to cloud his vision as the slow beating of his heart became a loud drum. And then the outer edges of the bright whiteness started to turn black and he found himself almost being pushed into the universe and this enveloping blackness as Malcolm felt catapulted out of his body. His family started to leave the room while the scientific team waited for communication.

Malcolm said he would use morse code to try and think a message to the team but Malcolm was consumed by the vastness of his experience. Along with the blackness came changing sounds. Volcanoes erupting. Rivers rushing. Whole mountains pushing up from the ground. And the view oh the view.  It felt like tears were streaming through his soul as he tried to comprehend the greatness of his experience.

Dot Dot/Dash/Dot Dot Dot

I                 T                S

Dot Dash/Dot Dash Dot Dot/Dot Dash Dot Dot

A                 L                              L

Dot Dot Dot/Dash Dash Dash

S                      O

Dash Dot Dot Dot/Dot/Dot Dash/Dot Dot Dash/Dash/Dot Dot/Dot Dot Dash Dot/Dot Dot Dash/

B                               E       A              U                       T          I             F                               U

Dot Dash Dot Dot.


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