Searching for Employment : Mental Health

It was a day like all the other days. Unemployment and cappuccinos stalked my reality. I believe I am now recovered from my psychotic break or should that be the drugs ‘do’ work and I am a semblance of normality.

It is one thing to recover yourself from a mental illness and another to get yourself back to work. I am caught between not doing IT for many years and no longer able to take the pressure of teaching. This means I am working my way through low paying menial jobs until I find a job of substance.

So far I have worked in a call centre at 16k a year dealing with numerous complaints from the public about a certain brands names wellington boots not arriving on time. It was kind of soul destroying but even more so when you realize you don’t earn enough to rent your own place. The second attempt was as a job coach. A well-meaning and soulful job helping young people with SEN difficulties back into unemployment. The only catch being you don’t get paid if the young person is of sick so again back to the grind stone.

Next up is a care work job. At least this role guarantees hours so many hours you just can’t lose and the pitfall is the environment might be too depressing with only 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete each task. It’s another strange new world I am walking into in this world of low paid but meaning full wages. The living wage should be made law at this point and take it further, a minimum wage of between £12 to £15 per hour for the hardest working roles.

All is not lost as I head to a job centre fair to see a host of companies offering real work in city type jobs with very good wages to not just live on but also breathe. The jobs might be a bit corporate and stale but you just have to do it to make ends meet. The meaningful jobs just don’t pay enough even though they are the most hardworking and important.

That’s life or is that capitalism. It makes the case for socialism and distributing wealth more equally. Let’s take a little more from the wealthy and ensure that all jobs pay a living wage. And what we mean  by living wage is the right to work and enjoy your life as much as the rich, within reason. A 40 hour week. A meal out once a week. The occasional trip to the cinema. Four holidays a year. And to clothe and feed yourself.



  1. Good to see you’re writing again, David. Reading your posts from the past, I see you’ve lived a much more adventurous life than most people had. I know that when you do finally get that job that pays the needs and small wants (however stale it may be), you’d find more time pursuing your other interests.


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