Blogging your way out of misery: Mental Health

I know it’s tough when you are stuck in that downward spiral. The whole world is one inch away but you are two thousand deep. ‘You know you should go to the gym,’ says your best friend. ‘It’s all in the mind,’ says the even smugger Buddhist-friend but still you have as much energy as a snail’s pace and so the mind tells you so.


Bloggers are a generous lot and they come in many shapes and sizes. In fact you cannot see their shapes or their sizes which makes the whole thing less judgemental, like The Voice, and more democratic, or just great if your recovering from a stressful life event. Bloggers connect all over the world and will gladly eye up your writing candy, and give it a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ and maybe even a comment.


It’s nice to receive comments. They connect you with the world maybe at a time when you don’t feel connected to the world. Maybe you got cut off after that event, the incidence, the point when it all went south or is that north. And you don’t have to explain it all or you could but that’s up to you. Give a little. Give a lot but don’t give nothing and just sit in your room hoping the angels will come because they won’t. Well they will, and they exist, and they have keyboards, not wings, and they will like if you like too, and comment, if you comment too. Keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep the faith.



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