Paid Traffic and E-book Promotion Tool

Testing Paid Traffic

There is a big question mark over whether you should pay for traffic or solely rely on organic traffic. Naturally organic traffic is better but it is good to experiment with different kinds of traffic revenues in the early stages to prepare you for later. I would imagine that if you do have an established website then paying for the right traffic would be a great idea. Now while I know appears to have a bad rap with many reviewers. There are some that say it works and I can see why. only forward blind traffic which means it is less targeted.

This to me is like having an open shop door with people passing by and hoping someone will pop in and browse. Of course if five people pass by each hour then it is very unlikely that you will get any customers let alone sales. If one hundred thousand people pass by then you can expect at least a few to pop in and many to buy your goods. paid traffic works like this which is why it is important to have a well- written generic article with an affiliate link that can make you decent money. Once your article is written just select the subject such as Education or Books, select the amount of traffic, which needs to be high, and sit back and wait for a month. For me is like playing the numbers game. The higher traffic you buy the more chance you have of winning. Coupled with a winning landing page that will hook the visitor.

E-book Promotion Tools

Personally I am a writer and I want to sell my e-books online. I am still at the early stages of this and I only have two novellas, one poetry book, and one collection of short-stories. I know that none of my genres are in the high-end selling bracket but I am just starting out and getting reviews first.

I must say getting downloads for your free books initially can be just as hard as trying to get reviews but I have tried two or three, and only recently discovered two that worked perfectly for me in difficult genres. After lots of dead-ends with freebie e-book tools and listings I found two the were dead cert winners for me. The two that did work for me were The Book Promotion Marketing Tool that cost me £25.00 for one promotion and received 150 downloads of a free short-story collection, and then also Book Bongo which I paid $15.00 for a free collection of poetry. I set my promotion date via kindle at least a week ahead for 12th December to the 16th December and was happy to report 150 downloads for my short-story collection, and 40 downloads for my Poetry collection. These are less popular genres so can you imagine how they work when the other books are up and running.

eBook Submission Tool


  1. Thanks for this information, I didn’t know it was really possible to get genuine interested attention, I assumed all such things were a con. Most helpful! 🙂


    • The e-book submission tool I don’t doubt as I used it on my last three books just for fun but could see some working more than others. Revisitors is really just for sales people. I’d hate you to waste good money and not get what you are after.
      I just had a nice response from Cornerstones who have agented editors and I think I will pay a hefty sum to work with their experienced editors on two of my better books. The self-publishing e-book is fun but I also dream of the trad route and will bring down my two e-books while working with cornerstones. Ah why do we dream like this? : )

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      • Thank you for the information and good luck with your books. I hope the dream brings you plenty of joy as well as frustration, I think I would feel a bit sadder without it. Have a beautiful day 🙂

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