I am not a Christian but I do like this : Religious

God said to Moses: “I am Who I am” [Ex 3:14]: I am existence itself, so I am without beginning. Instead, the Immaculata says of herself, “I am Conception,” but, unlike all other human beings, the “Immaculate Conception.” (KW 1292)

[Coming from a Buddhist, free-thinking spiritual background I get this ‘I am that’ type thinking from Sri Nisargadatta and most other spiritual traditions.

It’s such a shame that it is lost in this almost childish, my way is the right way, as opposed to all ways are the right ways, as long as intention is good.

Fundamentally all religious teachings can be drilled down to kindness and compassion, and once you have helped yourself, then help others. You don’t need an MA to get that.

‘Peace be with you’ – from a free-thinking radical.

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