Creative Writing

Funny name creative writing. What writing isn’t creative. I have been writing creatively for two years and have decided to take my creativity to the next step by doing a degree in Creative Writing. So for three years I shall immerse myself in the world of creative  writing. Have I said that word creative enough yet ?

As with all things once you scratch beneath the surface you realise that the simple story that you just read, the one that made you think I could do that, took considerable effort and lots of thinking to make it appear simple. Today I submitted my simple short story to be ripped apart by my creative bretheren. Were they kind to me ? You bet. It was not too bad in the end.

They talked of the things they liked, then discussed the things they didn’t like. I asked their advice on what they thought about character and plot and they gave me some good ideas. I went away thinking deeper about my story and went back and started to rewrite.

Being at University at the age of 42 is not as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn’t have come at any other time, because at no point in the past had I been writing. My creative juices only started to flow at the age of forty after a supposed spritual journey had ended. When I say the journey had ended, it was more like a journey of expectations. You can see a small sample of my writing at the top pages. It’s called The Highs and Lows of a Spiritual Junkie. It will be my first book published. Part memoir, part fiction, it looks at the last fifteen years of spirtual adventures and mis adventures as I try anything and everything to find and answer to my question. Does God exist ? and if so in what shape and form.
G2020 Retrospective: Story Writing

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