Writing to be Free : How to earn money as a writer


Everybody has a different reason for becoming a writer, and not every writer becomes a gazillion selling world famous Novelist.  Some writers started writing at an early age. They say their writing just flowed out of them as natural as a river flows through the countryside.

For others it is a different story. Journeys had to be made, mountains had to be climbed, dreams were fulfilled, and then lost. Only then did they put pen to paper and start to write. Maybe for fame. Maybe as therapy, or maybe as fun. I was more the middle one. I started to write because I wanted to reflect on the last fifteen years of a supposed spiritual adventure, or life journey. I wondered what it all meant, and also because the best advice I could find when first becoming a writer, was write what you know.

I didn’t realize that two years later I would still be writing the same story, and that this journey as a writer, was as demanding as the spiritual journey, or life’s path that we all take. If I knew then what I knew now, I would never started in the first place.

Writing to be free isn’t just about creative freedom but also about financial freedom. The idea of becoming a writer wasn’t just about the creative process of writing, but also about the freedom that writing can give you. As a fully paid up freelance writer I would be able to move and roam to my heart’s content. In today’s technological world all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, or cafe, and voila! you are off.

You can wake up in the  morning with no specific time and then head off to a favourite cafe to start your work. Then move on to another as you wish. Bored with the endless rain. Jump on a cheap flight to Spain and continue your work in the sunshine.

Writing to be free is about the steps I took to become a financially successful writer. I am not talking millions, not necessarily thousands but just enough to get by. I am from the old writing school of live poor, and write young. I don’t need hundreds a week to get by, just enough to pay the rent and hop on a cheap flight to Spain or Amsterdam when the mood takes me.

There are the two sides to the writing game. The creative writing side which involves me writing what comes from my heart for my own pleasure. I hope to have my books published one day but can’t guarantee that will happen, and if it does it may provide me with just an average wage. It still beats doing something you don’t want to do. The aim here is to get by on enough and live free and simple. You don’t need millions to sit by a beach in Spain and earn money writing.

Then there is the professional side. This involves copywriting. Writing brochures, sales letters, white papers, and articles. It may not be the most romantic vision you had of yourself as a writer but  you will be able to earn good money that will still give you your freedom to write your creative stuff without having to take on that life sucking job at the office.

I have slowly plugged away at the business side for two years, and I do mean slowly because as I say I only take what I need to get by on. So if I am hanging out at my parents apartment in Spain then I just need the cash for food, beer, and flowers for my Mum as I fight of accusations if being a beach bum.

I have just finished writing for a large corporation and the payment was 200 a day. Not bad for six page document. I’m off for a Marguerites and a nice tan by the pool. Bye.

Mature Student – My first year as a writer


C -, C  bloody minus. Who the bloody hell do they think they are. I was quite sure that the work I had handed in was the work of a genius. I was quite convinced that after I had settled in at Uni there would soon come a tap on the shoulder as I was pulled aside to be informed that I could be the next Herman Hesse, or Katie Price. But no. I’m just a C -, and all because of grammar, and punctuation.

At least it’s only the first year which means the lecturers have another two years to discover my greatness, and I should be proud that despite terrible accommodation I have survived my first year at University.

I must say I have mixed feelings about being a mature student and studying for a degree. I am still unsure if it will actually benefit me as a writer. Of course a degree will not make me a successful writer, but it does allow me the freedom to  write as much as I can in three years, in the hope that at least one book may get noticed.

The problem with being a writer is you are either truly hardcore, and  can handle the poverty because it adds to your experience as a writer, or like me, need some money, so you take a job that demands more of your time and attention. This leaves you with enough money to still party hard, live in comfort, and pay for the occasional mad excursion to some unknown destination, but leaves you with little time to write.

So it looks like I will come back for a second year. If only because the prospect of working full time again in the world of corporations fills me with dread. The original idea was to be fully independent as a writer so I would no longer have to don a suit and tie, and could live my life in a warm country, writing by the sea.

I am half way there. As well as my degree I have been building a small copy writing portfolio on the side to make some extra cash. This will support me as I continue to write fiction on the side waiting for the all important, ‘yes’ from an agent, and a reasonably fat cheque that tells me to chill to the max for the next year.

The Writer’s Journey

It has now been two years since I made the decision to become a fully independent writer and this is where I am at  now.

1. Just finished and self published a collection of short stories for fun. Self publishing is the next article I will write about as that is an entirely separate journey in itself.

2. I am now on my second draft of my first Novella. I need to save up the £400 pounds to pay for a consultation from Cornerstones and then look at starting the third draft. I hope to have this complete by September and will try the traditional route first and if not successful, then consider the self publish route for fun.

I can consider all my work a ‘work in progress’. Even though I may self publish and give my first efforts away for free. It still allows me to see myself unfold towards the kind of writer I hope to be. I reckon it will be four books before I start to find that sweet spot, they call ‘my voice’.

3. I have also started my first piece of fiction which will be a Young Adult novella and I am quite excited about that. Only 4K words into it so it will be another nine months before it will be complete. It will be my second book project when I return to University.

That is it for now. Please email me with your own journey reports and let me know the successes you have along the way.

Amsterdam Life


This is a short documentary by a student film maker on the different views of life in Amsterdam. I myself am an Expat, a kind of long term tourist.

Someone who was blown here by the winds and found himself not choosing to stay but being forced to stay here by the country.

The other guy is a bona fide real Dutch guy, so he is 9 ft tall, speaks bluntly often, and drinks coffee without milk all day long.

Oh and he smokes hashish, which is kind of legal in Holland. As long as you don’t grow it by the ton and try exporting it to other countries as a herbal remedy. Which it is.

Not all Dutch people smoke hash, in fact the majority don’t smoke hash at all they are very blaze about marijuana being freely available on the streets. It’s why the Dutch are so laid back, not because they smoke but because they are brought up in a culture  where you are not told, you can not do this, or you will die ! but are told, sure if you wish to waste your life away on drugs go do it. It’s legal, it’s your life.

And in one stroke they remove the childish yearn to disobey our parents, break the rules, do the things one shouldn’t do.

Therefore creating a more chilled society, not because of drugs, but because of ultimate responsibility and freedom of choice.

The Quiet Revolution


The Quiet Revolution is about turning your nose up at traditional ways of earning a living. It means sticking two fingers up to the idea of buying a house or a mortgage, and spending the rest of your life paying it off. It means giving up the notion of owning your owning property.

It means saying no to taking out life insurance, savings, and investments and spending all your money on your current health now, not when you are 65. Eat good food, keep fit, work on your mind doing creative, and fun things.

The Quiet Revolution is also about changing the way you work. So you can remove yourself from the corporate system, either by becoming your own boss, or working independently over the internet. So you can remove yourself from the 9 – 5 wheel and the authoritarian hierarchical structure, and start freeing up some time to live your life on your terms.

When you work outside the structure it’s all about working smarter, which means earning more whilst doing less, this is part of the passive income revolution, which means earning your money via the internet either selling a product or selling information.

While we initially will need money, eventually we will slowly move to a system of bartering , a kind of buddy buddy system which basically means you do something for me and I will do something for you. This will mean you will need less cash to live on, and will encourage a better community mentality, overcoming the individualistic mentality created by a materialistic society.

The Quiet Revolution involves growing your own food and vegetables. Turning your gardens into mini farms. It won’t happen overnight, but little by little we can do it and we will have less reasons to visit the stores that insist on us buying their modified, poisoned, and transported half way around the world produce, and again you will need less money.

They are all linked together in the end, tuning in and dropping out of a system that is no longer working. There is no use propping it up, it has become corrupt. It is run by corrupt people whose only intent is to squeeze as much out of you for them and them alone, irrespective of the consequences.

What’s beautiful about The Quiet Revolution is that you don’t need to oppose a government, or protest on the streets against a bank or a political party. You just pull the rug from under their feet.

What will they do when we all default on our mortgages, refuse to pay our loans, no longer apply for the jobs in their corrupt companies ?

They will wake up one day and say where have all the workers gone ? And we’ll be living our lives on our own terms ,free from tyranny, and voluntary enslavement.

The most common fear would be, what would we do if we didn’t need to work ? but we would be doing something. We would be growing our own food, helping each other out with tasks, and enjoying creative activities.

A Truly Enlightened Society.

TQR – The Quiet Revolution

A Revolutionary Song


Come, Come, the revolution.

There’s anarchy everywhere.

People no longer where their suits,

There’s flowers in their hair.

They’ve taken over the streets

and the corporate buildings too.

They’ve guns and ammunition,

They’ve freed animals from the zoo.

Come, Come, Come the revolution.

Let the blood wash from your hands.

Let the politicians fight their wars

While we take back command.

Let’s gather our defenses

And prepare us for the fight.

Let earth become our mother

And may nature be our might.

Come, Come, the revolution.

Let your sons and daughters die.

We won’t be timid anymore,

Let’s make our courage fly !

And if none of us survive,

And on the fields we all lie still.

Then better to have died a king

Than swallowed the bitter pill !

Come, Come, Come, the revolution.

The meek at last will rise.

They’ll carry words of hope and peace,

While tears run from their eyes.

Let’s clothe the naked children,

Give dignity to the poor.

Build houses for the homeless

Let’s hear the lions roar !

Come, Come, the revolution,

some say it’s just a dream,

we do our duty to the state

and keep the dishes clean.

But there’s a rumbling in the distant,

I can here the planets call.

So grab your spades and ammo

and let’s watch the mighty fall.

2012 and the Great Galactic Shift


The whole world’s gone mad and insanity reigns supreme.
Butchers remain empowered by weak saplings that cling
to their slowly disintegrating minds. Crumbling personas
are held in place by frightened people.

Alien freaks appear amongst the shadows, as the earth’s
magnetism raises the curtains on our unconscious cousins.
The earth surprises us with its impatience and with arrogance
we reply. It breathes? It speaks? It feels?

People hurriedly erect alters in haste as galactic measurements
jolt into place, and a mother spreads her legs ready to give birth
to a new dawn. The heaven’s thunder but the earth is still,
as people fall to the ground.

The heartbeat of humanity is reset to match the heartbeat
of our universe. The fear of death is our greatest teacher,
and in our absence we are reminded of our basic nature.
Then brought back to the world saner, wiser, fearless,
and more beautiful.

Alice Bailey and the New World Order


The idea of a New World Order has its roots in the teachings of Alice Bailey who converted from Christianity to a more occultist view of spirituality. Occultist doesn’t necessarily mean connected with evil, but a leaning towards the more esoteric teachings that can be found in most religions mystical branches.

She looks harmless enough : )

The ideal culmination of all her teachings would be for a one world community brought gradually in by successive governments, to bring about a more peaceful and ordered society. This would be aided by such institutions like the United Nations who are connected to the Lucis Trust, another spiritual organisation with esoteric leanings, inspired by Alice Bailey’s teachings. Many of these societies such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, etc have very influential people in high places helping to bring her dream into reality, and we know it as the New World Order.

The Lucis Trust’s name has been ominously connected to ‘illuminati’ symbolism, because its name is related to Lucifer, which many see as connected with the devil, as opposed to its original meaning of the name, connected with light.

Any mention of a One World Government today brings to mind a pyramid with an eye on the top. The eye has very evil connotations but this is not how the eye is supposed to be perceived.The eye, as a conspiracy theorist would say. wants to control every aspect of your life, in this New World Order.

The eye symbolism has its roots in the ‘eye of horus’ the Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. The single eye relates to the all seeing, all perceiving, all pervading wisdom, as in, God’s eye.Not God as a supreme, moral, authoritarian being, passing judgement on all human beings which is the view of most current organized religions.

The all seeing, all pervading, eye of wisdom.

God from Alice Bailey’s perspective is not coming from a single moral high point, separate from you as a person, but is God as the whole aspect of us; our consciousness, the universe, and beyond, from which we humans are a tiny reflective fragment.

We are all seeing, all perceiving, and all pervading together. One World, One God, One Religion.

Unfortunately Alice Bailey’s vision of a one world community of happy peaceful, healthy, and wealthy, spiritual beings, has been hijacked by a group of totalitarian psychopaths, all hell bent on imprisoning and controlling every aspect of our lives.

The original intention has been flipped over by big business, and we have become unwitting pawns in a literal battle between good and evil, God, and the Devil, lightness and dark. And you may well feel like giving up, but there is hope.

Because goodness, god, purity, positivity, happiness, light, spirit, whatever hippy happy buzz you want to call it, is made up from the fundamental basic nature of the universe, and it’s impossible for it to be any other way. What the hell do I mean ?

All negativity such as evil, badness, aggression, greed, jealousy, or a psychopathic mind set, are all distortions of the basic mental state of goodness. It’s only a warped human mind that can inhabit these negative worlds. And anytime we want to escape from these conditions, we just need to sit down on our asses, turn off the television and music system, and follow our breath.

How does this help? Pure mind lies beyond space and time, beyond the ego personality, which is nothing but a mental construct. It’s why big business is so intent on keeping you distracted by endless entertainment and consumerism, voyeurism, and the hate fuelled media, because it knows that it can train your mind like a monkey.

It also knows that whenever you want to, you can choose to wake up and the game is over. It’s that simple, and it’s all a very big joke indeed. They sit there as masters of our universe and watch us run around in hamster wheels  endlessly being distracted by the rubbish they make us buy. So they can sit back and laugh at you.

It may well be possible to have a new world community as Alice Bailey intended, but on our own terms, not big businesses. One united global form of governance, with many smaller nations deciding their own destinies at a local level. One culture but many individual cultures, one language, but still many tongues. One religion, but many faiths.A true world order, not a New World Order.